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da Vinci Drawing Machine- The Robot

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Many consider da Vinci’s robots to be the oldest examples of an early proto-computer because they contained hardware, the robot itself, and software, wooden cams, which were read-only and interchangeable. Leonardo called these wooded cams ‘petals’ as they reminded him of petals on a flower.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Robot Knight (built around 1495), these all-wood automaton kits will amaze your friends just as The Florentine’s device amazed kings and queens some 5 centuries ago. Programmed by wood cams, the included set of disks will magically produce 4 different artistic sketches as if drawn by a master artist’s hand.


  • Gear driven, hand-powered DIY wood model kit
  • Mechanical arm draws 4 different artistic sketches
  • No batteries required
  • For experienced hobbyists ages 14+