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Charlie Hustle + Nelson-Atkins Waterlilies Community-TEE (Blue)

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Partnering with Charlie Hustle and their Community-TEES Program this limited-edition Nelson-Atkins KC Heart T-Shirt is inspired by the upcoming Claude Monet installation, "Monet and his Modern Legacy."  

With a classic unisex cut and a vintage feel, this super cozy polyester and cotton blend shirt is perfect for a sunny picnic in the sculpture garden or a visit to the galleries. 

Based out of Kansas City, the Charlie Hustle brand represents the civic pride of the Midwest and the blue collar-friendly attitude it exudes. Inspired by the classic designs in sports and popular culture, Charlie Hustle uses the t-shirt as a canvas in effort to express their love and passion for vintage clothing. Their influences take them back to their youthful innocence and those childhood moments we all wish to relive.